• how to choose champagne sparkling wine

    How to choose a sparkling wine or champaign?

    How to choose a sparkling wine or champaign? When purchasing sparkling wine before the holidays or at the turn of the year, we are faced with a dilemma: which of the many options to choose from? To buy something cheaper or more expensive in the hopes that it would get better and better, to give a country’s product, and so on. The fundamental enchantment and power of sparkling wines, of course, lies in the magical bubbles and drink froth, which may put you in a joyous mood even on the gloomiest of days. The secret to their success lies in their unique techniques of application. Jnis Kais, the President of…

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  • chanterelles mushrooms

    Amazing facts about chanterelles

    Approximately 300 species have been designated as edible. If a tenth of a mushroom is edible, the ordinary mushroom knows it. I’d venture to say that among the few known species is the common chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius). It has a familiar appearance If not talking about visual appearances, chanterelles are abundant in temperate zone forests all across the globe. However, due to urbanization in Central European countries, this fungus has become rare in many places, and has completely vanished in other areas. Thankfully, our country has not yet reached the level of developed countries. For the time being, we have a lot of chanterelles! Adaptable Chanterelles can be found practically…

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  • What is the flavor enhancer E 621 or monosodium glutamate

    What is monosodium glutamate or the flavor enhancer E 621?

    In 1909, the Japanese invented sodium glutamate. Its full name is the sodium salt of glutamic acid, and it was originally derived from soy. It is currently synthesized chemically. E621 turns out to be a white, flavorless powder that dissolves easily in water and improves the taste and aroma of meat, fish, and vegetables, as well as the aroma of tobacco. This miraculous material masks the flavor of the spoiled goods and imitates freshness long after it has vanished. Not just sausages, but all meat products are heavily flavored. Researchers began to believe that the flavor enhancer E621 could induce allergies, asthma, and other diseases in the late 1960s. E621…

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