What is HoReCa?

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One of Europe’s fastest-growing industries is the hotel, restaurant, and catering industry. HORECA is a term used to describe this industry. The phrase is derived from the initials Hotellerie-Restaurant-CafĂ©, however in other forms, the third word is associated with the catering industry.

Because the Dutch hotel and catering trade organisation is called Koninklijk Horeca Nederland, the term is thought to have originated in the Netherlands.

According to Eurostat, the hotel, restaurant, and catering industry employed more than 7.8 million people in the European Union in 2004. In the same year, the industry generated more than 338 billion euros in revenue. Restaurants and bars make up the majority of the industry, accounting for three-quarters of all jobs. Campgrounds, youth hostels, and canteens are among the industry’s other employers.

The majority of businesses in this industry are tiny, employing fewer than ten employees. Women make up slightly more than half of the total workforce. The sector employs a large number of young people.